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Thursday 25/8
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:15 Session 16A
Chair: André Nichterlein
Session 16B
Chair: Monaldo Mastrolilli
Session 16C: Wireless
Chair: Annalisa De Bonis
Session 16D
Chair: Marc Goerigk
09:00 Cornelius Brand, Holger Dell and Marc Roth:
Fine-grained dichotomies for the Tutte plane and Boolean #CSP
WAOA tutorial
Ronald de Wolf
On Linear and Semidefinite Programs for Polytopes in Combinatorial Optimization
Mohamad Ahmadi and Fabian Kuhn:
Multi-Message Broadcast in Dynamic Radio Networks
Julius Pätzold and Anita Schöbel: A matching approach for periodic timetabling
09:25 Segre Gaspers, Christos Papadimitriou, Sigve Hortemo Sćther and Jan Arne Telle:
On Satisfiability Problems with Linear Structure
Kokouvi Hounkanli, Avery Miller and Andrzej Pelc:
Global Synchronization and Consensus Using Beeps in a Fault-Prone MAC
Martin Lemnian, Matthias Müller-Hannemann and Ralf Rückert: Sensitivity Analysis and Coupled Decisions in Passenger Flow-Based Train Dispatching
09:50 Arne Meier, Sebastian Ordyniak, Ramanujan M. S. and Irena Schindler:
Backdoors for Linear Temporal Logic
Hicham Lakhlef, Michel Raynal and Francois Taiani:
Vertex Coloring with Communication and Local Memory Constraints in Synchronous Broadcast Networks
Philine Gattermann, Peter Großmann, Karl Nachtigall and Anita Schöbel: Integrating Passengers’ Routes in Periodic Timetabling: A SAT approach
10:15-10:35 Coffee Break
10:35-11:25 Session 17A
Chair: Holger Dell
Session 17B
Chair: Klaus Jansen
Session 17C
Chair: Leszek Gasieniec
Session 17D
Chair: Renato Werneck
10:35 Thomas Bläsius, Tobias Friedrich and Martin Schirneck:
The Parameterized Complexity of Dependency Detection in Relational Databases
Khaled Elbassioni, Kazuhisa Makino and Waleed Najy:
A Multiplicative Weights Update Algorithm for Packing and Covering
ALGOSENSORS invited Fabian Kuhn
Developing Robust Wireless Network Algorithms
Trivikram Dokka, Alain Zemkoho, Sonali Sen Gupta and Fabrice Talla Nobibon: Pricing toll roads under uncertainty
11:00 Mateus De Oliveira Oliveira:
Ground Reachability and Joinability in Linear Term Rewriting Systems are Fixed Parameter Tractable with Respect to Depth
George Rabanca and Amotz Bar-Noy:
Tight Approximation Bounds for the Seminar Assignment Problem
Juan Jose Besa Vial, William E. Devanny, David Eppstein and Michael Goodrich: Scheduling Autonomous Vehicle Platoons Through an Unregulated Intersection
11:25-11:30 Break
11:30-12:30 EATCS-IPEC Nerode Prize
Andreas Björklund
Determinant Sums for Hamiltonicity
Chair: Jan Arne Telle
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:15 Session 18A
Chair: Karl Bringmann 
Session 18B
Chair: Mike Fellows
Session 18C: Wireless & Search
Chair: Dror Rawitz
Session 18D
Chair: Marc Goerigk
14:00 Kiitty Meeks:
Randomised enumeration of small witnesses using a decision oracle
Martijn van Ee, Leo van Iersel, Teun Janssen and Rene Sitters:
A Priori TSP in the Scenario Model
Annalisa De Bonis and Ugo Vaccaro:  A New Kind of Selectors, and their Applications to Conflict Resolution in Wireless Multichannels Networks Huaining Tian and Brigitte Jaumard: Multi-Column Type Generation Model for Locomotive Assignment Problem
14:25 Max Bannach and Till Tantau:
Parallel Multivariate Meta-Theorems
Yossi Azar and Adi Vardi:
Dynamic Traveling Repair Problem with an Arbitrary Time Window
Shouwei Li, Friedhelm Meyer Auf der Heide and Pavel Podlipyan: The impact of the Gabriel subgraph of the visibility graph on the gathering of mobile autonomous robots ATMOS invited
Thomas Schlechte
Decide & Conquer - The Impact of Optimization on Today's Traffic Systems
14:50 Robert Bredereck, Vincent Froese, Marcel Koseler, Marcelo Garlet Millani, André Nichterlein and Rolf Niedermeier:
A Parameterized Algorithmics Framework for Digraph Degree Sequence Completion Problems
Esther Arkin, Jie Gao, Adam Hesterberg, Joseph Mitchell and Jiemin Zeng:
The Shortest Separating Cycle Problem
Konstantinos Georgiou, George Karakostas and Evangelos Kranakis: Search-and-Fetch with One Robot on a Disk
15:15-15:30 Break
15:30-16:45 Session 19A
Chair: Jesper Nederlof
Session 19B
Chair: Marek Cygan
Session 19C: Approximation
Chair: George Karakostas
Session 19D
Chair: Renato Werneck
15:30 Gábor Bacsó, Dániel Marx and Zsolt Tuza:
H-free Graphs, Independent Sets, and Subexponential-time Algorithms
Joan Boyar, Leah Epstein, Lene Favrholdt, Kim S. Larsen and Asaf Levin:
Batch Coloring of Graphs
Robert Benkoczi, Daya Gaur and Mark Thom: A 2-approximation algorithm for barrier coverage by weighted non-uniform sensors on a line Stanley Schade and Martin Strehler: The Maximum Flow Problem for Oriented Flows
15:55 Bart M. P. Jansen and Jules J.H.M. Wulms:
Lower Bounds for Protrusion Replacement by Counting Equivalence Classes
Roy B. Ofer and Tami Tamir:
Resource Allocation Games with Multiple Resource Classes
Ariella Voloshin and Dror Rawitz: Flexible Cell Selection in Cellular Networks Robert Scheffler and Martin Strehler: Optimizing traffic signal timings for mega events
16:20 Khaled Elbassioni:
Exact Algorithms for List-coloring of Intersecting Hypergraphs
Jean-Claude Bermond, Nathann Cohen, David Coudert, Dimitrios Letsios, Ioannis Milis, Stéphane Pérennes and Vassilis Zissimopoulos:
Bin Packing with Colocations
Manjanna B, Ramesh Jallu, Gautam K Das and Subhas C Nandy: The Euclidean k-Supplier Problem in R^2 Tobias Andersson Granberg, Tatiana Polishchuk, Valentin Polishchuk and Christiane Schmidt: Automatic Design of Aircraft Arrival Routes with Limited Turning Angle
16:45-17:00 Break
17:00-18:15 Session 20A
Chair: Danny Hermelin
Session 20B
Chair: Monaldo Mastrolilli
  Session 20D
Chair: Marc Goerigk
17:00 IPEC 2016 Business Meeting Gramoz Goranci and Harald Räcke:
Vertex Sparsification in Trees
Sascha Witt: Trip-Based Public Transit Routing Using Condensed Search Trees
17:25 Felix J. L. Willamowski and Andreas Bley:
Local Search Based Approximation Algorithms for Two-Stage Stochastic Location Problems
Aphrodite Veneti, Charalampos Konstantopoulos and Grammati Pantziou: Time-dependent bi-objective itinerary planning algorithm: application in sea transportation
17:50 Akira Matsubayashi:
Non-Greedy Online Steiner Trees on Outerplanar Graphs
ATMOS Best Paper: Marco Blanco, Ralf Borndoerfer, Nam Dũng Hoŕng, Anton Kaier, Adam Schienle, Swen Schlobach and Thomas Schlechte: Solving Time Dependent Shortest Path Problems on Airway Networks Using Super-Optimal Wind
18:15-18:30   Break   Break                        
18:30-...   WAOA business meeting   ATMOS business meeting