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Friday 26/8
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:15 Session 21A
Chair: Bart Jansen
Session 21B
Chair: Luciano  Gualà
09:00 R. Krithika, Abhishek Sahu and Prafullkumar Tale:
Dynamic Parameterized Problems
Annette M.C. Ficker, Frits C.R. Spieksma and Gerhard J. Woeginger:
Balanced Optimization with Vector Costs
09:25 René Van Bevern, Till Fluschnik, George B. Mertzios, Hendrik Molter, Manuel Sorge and Ondřej Suchy:
Finding Secluded Places of Special Interest in Graphs
Nathaniel Grammel, Lisa Hellerstein, Devorah Kletenik and Patrick Lin:
Scenario Submodular Cover
09:50 L. Sunil Chandran, Davis Issac and Andreas Karrenbauer:
On the Parameterized Complexity of Biclique Cover and Partition
Parinya Chalermsook and Daniel Vaz:
New Integrality Gap Results for the Firefighters Problem on Trees
10:15-10:35 Coffee Break
10:35-11:25 Session 22A
Chair: Marcin Pilipczuk
Session 22B
Chair: Klaus Jansen
10:35 Hung Le and Glencora Borradaile:
Optimal dynamic program for r-domination problems over tree decompositions
André Berger, Alexander Grigoriev and Andrej Winokurow:
A PTAS for the Cluster Editing Problem on Planar Graphs
11:00 Thore Husfeldt:
Computing Graph Distances Parameterized by Treewidth and Diameter
N.S. Narayanaswamy and Astha Chauhan:
A Refined Analysis of Online Path Coloring in Trees
11:25-11:30 Break
11:30-12:30 WAOA Invited
Marek Cygan
Approximation Algorithms for the k-Set Packing Problem
Chair: Klaus Jansen
12:30-14:00 Lunch