Moodles - can a robot read your mood..?

This is the homepage of Moodles, a humanoid LEGO robot capable of displaying several different emotional expressions.
Take the emotion sensor in your hand, and Moodles will mimic your true mood!
- Or it might tell you what kind of bureaucrat you are!

I built and programmed it in November 2008 for a movie production: It appears in the movie Raspberry Magic - click here to watch the trailer. See a behind-the-scenes gallery here; there's also a sort of diary from my movie making experience (in Danish).

Click here to watch a scene from the movie (courtesy Raspberry Magic LCC). This is a photo from behind the camera taken during the same scene as I'm hiding behind a table on the floor while controlling the robot:

See a bunch of images and video clips here - now with clips and stills from Raspberry Magic! Or have a look at the scrapbook of press coverage of Moodles. Here is a small gallery of images from the building process.

Moodles (pronounced so that it rhymes with "oodles") was built specifically for the movie Raspberry Magic. Or, rather, its head was. Its body has had several different heads. In its first version, the robot (then called Elektra) appeared at the Robot Soccer World Cup held in Paris, France in 1998 in connection with the real, human World Cup. In 1999-2000, with a new and more sophisticated head, it was used in a computer science/psychology research project under the name of Feelix which resulted in several scientific papers.

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The participation of Moodles in the film Raspberry Magic was

realized as a joint project between Raspberry Magic LLC,

Alexandra Instituttet A/S and the Computer Science

Department, Aarhus University, Denmark