Education & communication:



1996 :           Gave private tutoring lessons in mathematics to high school student.


1997 :           Advisor at education fair for high school students.


1998, 1999, 2000 : Co–planned and –hosted the computer science booth at the annual

Danish Natural Sciences Festival and University of Aarhus Natural Sciences

Fair in Århus.


1998 :           Co–planned and –demonstrated a LEGO football stadium, exhibited at the

Robot Soccer World Cup in Paris.


1999 :           Co-demonstrated an interactive LEGO football project for children under the

RoboCup Junior event held in connection with Robot Soccer World Cup in



2001 :           Jakob Fredslund, Maja J Matarić, Robot Formations. In AliveArt Handbook,

Educational CD-ROM, Elisa Giaccardi and Luigi Pagliarini, ed., Limited Edition.

Rome, October 2001. More information:


2003 :           Appearance and interview in the promotion film for the Natural Sciences Den

Hotteste Forskning (2003), directed by Mette Thybo, distributed on schools nation-wide.


2004, 2005 :  Appearance of my robot Feelix in two children’s books about robots: 

Robotics (cool science), Helena Domaine, Lerner Publications (ISBN 0822521121)

2005, and Robot (eyewitness), Rodger Francis Bridgman, Dorling Kindersley (ISBN 0756602548) 2004.


2005 :           Co-planner and participant in a public Science Café during the national Day of

Research, May 12th.


2005 :           Authored the article Superjordnøddernes Hemmelighed

Aktuel Naturvidenskab, 6:12-15, December 2005


2006 :           Interviewed live by Østjyllands Radio (estimated 150.000 listeners) about my research for the morning show “Hvad forsker de i?”. Broadcast available at (20 minutes in Danish, file size about 7 Mb).


2006 :           Co-hosted and -planned a visit at BiRC of 25 school children at BiRC, Oct. 25th.


2006 :           Judge in the Oct. 28th Danish qualifying competition for the World Robot Olympics in China 2006. See article from paper metroXpress.