Jakob Fredslund, Ph.D., Curriculum Vitæ







June 2005: Forskningsrådet for Teknologi og Produktion (Danish Research Council for Technology and Production), funding for 18 months for the project “Designing primers for quantitative-PCR of transcription factor genes in crops”.


October 2005: Forskningsrådet for Udviklingsforskning (Danish Council for Development Research), funding for 12 months for the project ”Bioinformatics support for breeding programs in rice and bean with focus on iron homeostasis”. Funding declined due to the other grant received.




Scientific positions:



1998 :         Research Assistant for three months with LEGO–Lab, the robotics group at Aarhus University.


March 2002 – March 2003: Assistant professor at Bioinformatics Research Center

(BiRC), Aarhus University.


March 2003 – September 2003: Assistant professor at BiRC, extension. The extension

was for a full year but I switched to the project mentioned below.


October 2003 – October 2005: Assistant professor at BiRC on the project

“Bioinformatics, marker assisted breeding and map based cloning”, funded by a

Danish Agricultural and Veterinary Research Council (SJVF) grant. Grant holder Professor Jens Stougaard. From August 2004 to November 2004 I was on paternity leave (four months on half-time).


November 2005 – April 2007: Assistant professor at BiRC on the project “Designing

primers for quantitative-PCR of transcription factor genes in crops”, funded by

the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production. 




Other work and activities:



1996 :           Freelance-model designer for Danish toy manufacturer LEGO.


1997 :           Software-tester with company Dtech Translation for two months.


1999 :           Co-designer of music playing LEGO robots with expressive faces and gestures

for the LEGO company.


2001 :           Co–programmer and co–robot-designer on the Jungle Cube LEGO multimedia

installation, a project under the LEGO–Lab.



2003 :           Robot designer on the Innerspace LEGO multimedia installation, a project

under the LEGO–Lab.



2005 :           Built the humanoid LEGO robot Dr. Watson,



2006 :           Submitted a book proposal for a “Python for Bioinformaticians” educational

programming book. Following encouraging reviews, my editor at Wiley

Publishing has urged me to widen the scope of the book and resubmit it.




Education & communication:



1996 :           Gave private tutoring lessons in mathematics to high school student.


1997 :           Advisor at education fair for high school students.


1998, 1999, 2000 : Co–planned and –hosted the computer science booth at the annual

Danish Natural Sciences Festival and University of Aarhus Natural Sciences

Fair in Århus.


1998 :           Co–planned and –demonstrated a LEGO football stadium, exhibited at the

Robot Soccer World Cup in Paris.


1999 :           Co-demonstrated an interactive LEGO football project for children under the

RoboCup Junior event held in connection with Robot Soccer World Cup in



2001 :           Jakob Fredslund, Maja J Matarić, Robot Formations. In AliveArt Handbook,

Educational CD-ROM, Elisa Giaccardi and Luigi Pagliarini, ed., Limited Edition.

Rome, October 2001. More information: luigi@artificialia.com


2003 :           Appearance and interview in the promotion film for the Natural Sciences Den

Hotteste Forskning (2003), directed by Mette Thybo, distributed on schools nation-wide.http://www.sdu.dk/Nat/fak/nyheder/show_news.php?id=73&lang=dk


2004, 2005 :  Appearance of my robot Feelix in two children’s books about robots: 

Robotics (cool science), Helena Domaine, Lerner Publications (ISBN 0822521121)

2005, and Robot (eyewitness), Rodger Francis Bridgman, Dorling Kindersley (ISBN 0756602548) 2004.


2005 :           Co-planner and participant in a public Science Café during the national Day of

Research, May 12th.


2005 :           Authored the article Superjordnøddernes Hemmelighed

Aktuel Naturvidenskab, 6:12-15, December 2005


2006 :           Interviewed live by Østjyllands Radio (estimated 150.000 listeners) about my research for the morning show “Hvad forsker de i?”. Broadcast available at http://www.daimi.au.dk/~chili/Formidling/radiointerview17_1_2006.mp3 (20 minutes in Danish, file size about 7 Mb).


2006 :           Co-hosted and -planned a visit at BiRC of 25 school children at BiRC, Oct. 25th.


2006 :           Judge in the Oct. 28th Danish qualifying competition for the World Robot Olympics in China 2006. See article from paper metroXpress.








1999 :           Seminar speaker at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of

Edinburgh. Invited by: Professor John Hallam.


2003 :           BiRC seminar speaker. Presentation on gap graphs available here.


2003 :           Conference talk at WABI 2003 in Budapest. Presentation available here.


2004 :         Speaker at the Bioinformatics Day held at Aarhus University on September 9th. Presentation (“Team Supermule”, in Danish) available here.


2005 :           Seminar speaker at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Research

Centre Flakkebjerg. Invited by: Research Professor, D.Sc. Preben Bach Holm. Presentation available here.


2005 :         Speaker at the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Day held at Aarhus University on May 28th. Presentation available here.







Educational background:



1972 :           Year of birth.


1988 - 1991 : Tørring Amtsgymnasium. Score (average grade): 10,5.


1991 :           Accepted at University of Aarhus in the Master´s programme.


1995 :           Minor subject in mathematics.


1998 :         Master´s Degree with major subject in computer science (robotics). Thesis entitled (English translation): “Intelligent behavior without intelligence”. Grade: 11. 


1998 :           Accepted at University of Aarhus in the Ph.D. programme.


1999 :           Visited Professor John Hallam’s robotics group at the Department of Artificial

Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, for two weeks.


2000 – 2001 : Spent nine months as a graduate student at the Robotics Interaction Lab

                   at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA, working

                   with lab director Professor Maja J Matarić. 


2002 :           Ph.D. in computer science.





Hobby projects:



I maintain the webpage www.palindromer.dk with hundreds of palindromes (in Danish), a large fraction of which are authored by me.


My fairy tale generator http://www.daimi.au.dk/~chili/Eventyr/ writes random fairy tales (in Danish).


Mostly I read books, play soccer and play and write music – and love playing with my two children.




Long travels:



1995 : Four months in Australia.


1999 : Four months in Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal.