1999 :  Seminar speaker at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of

Edinburgh. Invited by: Professor John Hallam.


2003 : BiRC seminar speaker. Presentation on gap graphs available here.


2003 : Conference talk at WABI 2003 in Budapest. Presentation available here.


2004 : Speaker at the Bioinformatics Day held at Aarhus University on September 9th. Presentation (“Team Supermule”, in Danish) available here.


2005 : Seminar speaker at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Research

Centre Flakkebjerg. Invited by: Research Professor, D.Sc. Preben Bach Holm. Presentation available here.


2005 : Speaker at the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Day held at Aarhus University on May 28th. Presentation available here.


2007 : Invited talk by the Pervasive Healthcare group at Aarhus University, March 12th. Presentation available here.