History of the Aarhus Crypto Group

This is an unofficial page for the "Cryptography and Security" research group mantained by Claudio Orlandi. The aim of this page is to list everyone that is (or has been) affiliated with the Crypto group of the Department of Computer Science of Aarhus University. (News 2018: I have now started listing also cryptographers working at the engineering department of Aarhus University, marked with "ENG").

The official page of the Cryptography and Security Group is generated automatically and only lists current members.

This is a manually generated page. If you find any omission, mistake or if you have old pictures of the group please write to orlandi at cs.au.dk


Name From To
Ivan Bjerre Damgård 1988 -
Jesper Buus Nielsen 2004 -
Claudio Orlandi 2012 -
Peter Scholl 2017 -
Carsten Baum 2019 -
Louis Salvail 1998 2008
Ronald Cramer 2000 2004
Jan Camenisch 1998 1999

External Collaborators

Name From To
Diego F. Aranha (ENG) 2018 -

Current Postdocs

Name From To
Luisa Siniscalchi 2019 -
Mark Simkin 2019 -
Sophia Yakoubov 2019 -
Eduardo Soria-Vazquez 2019 -
Sabine Oechsner 2019 -
Satrajit Ghosh 2019 -
Bernardo Magri 2018 -

Current PhD Students

Anders P. K. Dalskov
Daniel Escudero
Adam Blatchley Hansen
Simon Holmgaard Kamp
Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh
Rahul Rachuri
Nikolaj I. Schwartzbach
Akira Takahashi


Name Year Thesis Title
Ivan Bjerre Damgård 1988 Claw-free Functions, Unconditional Protection in Cryptographic Protocols
Torben P. Pedersen 1992 Distributed Provers and Verifiable Secret Sharing Based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem
Lars Knudsen 1994 Block Ciphers - Analysis, Design and Applications
Lidong (Lily) Chen 1994 Witness Hiding Proofs and Applications
Stefan Dziembowski 2001 Multiparty Computations Information-Theoretically Secure Against an Adaptive Adversary
Jesper Buus Nielsen 2003 On Protocol Security in the Cryptographic Model
Maciej Koprowski 2003 Cryptographic Protocols Based on Root Extracting
Mads Jurik 2003 Extensions to the Paillier Cryptosystem with Applications to Cryptological Protocols
Serge Fehr 2003 Secure Multi-Player Protocols: Fundamentals, Generality, and Efficiency
Jens Groth 2004 Honest Verifier Zero-Knowledge Arguments Applied
Jesus F Almansa 2005 A Study for Cryptologic Protocols
Kasper Dupont 2005 Disk Encryption, Group Identification, Byzantine Agreement, and Threshold RSA
Kirill Morozov 2005 On Cryptographic Primitives Based on Noisy Channels
Thomas Brochmann Pedersen 2006 Quantum Encryption Minimising Key Leakage under Known Plaintext Attacks
Christian Schaffner 2007 Cryptography in the Bounded-Quantum-Storage Model
Tomas Toft 2007 Primitives and Applications for Multi-Party Computation
Michael Østergaard Pedersen 2008 Authentication and Privacy with Application to Pervasive Computing
Miroslava Sotakova 2009 On the Power of Two-Party Quantum Cryptography
Rune Thorbek 2009 Linear Integer Secret Sharing
Carolin Lunemann 2010 Cryptographic Protocols under Quantum Attacks
Martin Geisler 2010 Cryptographic Protocols: Theory and Implementation
Mikkel Krøigaard 2010 On the Computational Overhead of Secure Multiparty
Claudio Orlandi 2011 Secure Computation in Untrusted Environments
Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen 2011 On the Protection of Digital Identities Through Threshold Cryptography
Jakob Funder 2011 Cryptography with Quantum Mechanics
Jonas Kölker 2012 I/O-efficient multiparty computation, formulaic secret sharing and NP-complete puzzles
Marcel Keller 2012 Theory and Practice of Cryptographic Protocols
Peter Sebastian Nordholdt 2013 New Approaches to Practical Secure Two-Party Computation
Sigurd Meldgaard 2013 Unconditionally Secure Protocols
Morten Dahl 2013 Symbolic Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols
Valerio Pastro 2013 Zero-Knowledge Protocols and Multi Party Computation
Rikke Bendlin 2013 Lattice-Based Cryptography: Threshold Protocols and Multiparty Computation
Angela Zottarel 2014 Public-key Cryptography from Weaker Assumption
Sarah Zakarias 2014 Secure Computation in the Preprocessing Model
Pavel Hubacek 2014 Rationality in the Cryptographic Model
Thomas P. Jakobsen 2015 Practical Aspects of Secure Multiparty Computation
Pratyay Mukherjee 2015 Protecting Cryptographic Memory against Tampering Attack
Tore K Frederiksen 2015 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Garbled Circuits
Rasmus W. Zakarias 2016 Practical Secure Computation with Pre-Processing
Carsten Baum 2016 Towards More Efficient Secure Multiparty Computation in the Preprocessing Model
Irene Giacomelli 2017 New applications of secret-sharing in Cryptography
Antigoni Polychroniadou 2017 On the Communication and Round Complexity of Secure Computation
Bernardo David 2017 A Framework For Efficient Homomorphic Universally Composable Commitments
Roberto Trifiletti 2017 Amortizing Maliciously Secure Two-party Computation
Satrajit Ghosh 2019 Secure Computation Based On Oblivious Linear Function Evaluation
Sabine Oechsner 2019 Constructions and Proof Techniques for Secure Computation
Michael Nielsen 2019 Secure computation from correlated randomness
Helene Haagh 2019 Fine-Grained Access and Secure Computation on Encrypted Data
Mark Simkin 2019 Alice, Bits, and Bob

Past Postdocs and other Temporary Researchers

Name From To
Elena Pagnin 2019 2020
Chaya Ganesh 2017 2019
Anca Nitulescu 2019 2019
Zahra Jafargholi 2016 2019
Daniel Tschudi 2018 2019
Prastudy Fauzi 2017 2019
Rebekah Mercer 2017 2019
Rafael Dowsley 2016 2018
Maciej Obremski 2015 2018
Tobias Nilges 2016 2018
Name From To
Guang Yang 2016 2017
Felipe Lacerda 2015 2016
Antonio Faonio 2014 2016
Samuel Ranellucci 2014 2016
Nico Döttling 2014 2016
Ignacio Cascudo 2014 2016
Mario Strefler 2013 2014
Frederic Dupuis 2013 2014
Name From To
Tomas Toft 2009 2014
Daniele Venturi 2011 2013
Sebastian Faust 2011 2013
Carmit Hazay 2010 2012
Arpita Patra 2010 2011
Dominik Raub 2010 2010
Nikos Triandopoulos 2007 2008
Matthias Fitzi 2004 2006

Where Are We Now?

This is a map of current locations of the previous members of the group who are holding a long-term research position.


This list only includes long term visitors, defined arbitrarily by me as the people who spent one month or more with the group. Also, note that this is a very partial list: I have very little info about who visited the group before 2007. If you visited the group but are not in the list just send me an email.

Name Year
Suvradip Chakraborty 2019
Nishat Koti 2019
Yashvanth Kondi 2019
Pierre Meyer 2019
Lennart Braun 2019
Sophia Yakoubov 2019
Daniele Friolo 2019
Arpita Patra 2018
Divya Ravi 2018
Nairen Cao 2018
Adam O'Neill 2018
Alberto Pedrouzo Ulloa 2017
Xinze Li 2017
Yuanxi Dai 2017
Luisa Siniscalchi 2017
Michele Ciampi 2017
Bei Liang 2017
Kambombo Mtonga 2017
Matteo Campanelli 2016
Name Year
Chenxing Li 2016
Yue JI 2016
Yifan Song 2016
Mariana Raykova 2015
Carla Rafols 2015
Yuanxi Dai 2015
Yu Xia 2015
Yufan Yang 2015
Ge Bai 2015
Ruxandra Olimid 2015
Antonio Faonio 2014
Antonio Marcedone 2013
Vanishree Rao 2013
Luca Melis 2012
Alessandra Scafuro 2012
Jennifer Cheung 2012
Sunoo Park 2012
Sai Sheshank Burra 2011
Adriana Lopez-Alt 2011
Name Year
Margus Niitsoo 2010
Roel Peeters 2010
Otto Johnston 2010
Andy Rupp 2010
Asgeir Steine 2009
Tord Reistad 2007
Daniel Wichs 2007
Joel Alwen 2007
Manuel Charlemagne 2007
Antonio Nicolosi 2004
Nelly Fazio 2004
Andre Weimerskirch 2003
John Malone-Lee 2003
Eike Kiltz 2003
Gregor Leander 2003
Dörte Rappe 2003
Julio Hernandez-Castro 2002
Yuval Ishai
Joan Boyar 1990

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