LaTeX Templates for Experimental Computer Science

Writing a thesis

The following is a template based on Robert Bringhurst's seminal The Elements of Typographic Style in general, and on the LaTeX package classicthesis by André Miede specifically, with my own modifications as well as my own content guide on how to write and structure a CS Master's Thesis. You should begin with ClassicThesis.tex, and add your own content in the Chapters/ folder.

Writing a report

If you just want to write a project report, I turn your attention to ClassicReport.tex, which has been considerably slimmed down. Keep in mind that all LaTeX formatting tips and tricks can be found in the Thesis template.

Getting the templates

The preferred way to get both templates is through the git repository:

git clone

Alternatively, you can preview the Master's Thesis template and download a thesis zip-file.

Likewise, you can preview the report template and download a report zip-file.

The zip files can be uploaded as projects to Overleaf.