Official AU pages

  • Homepage
  • info folder
  • FAQ
  • Registered publications unit wise.
  • Registered activies unit wise.
  • Find person (en). Search pearson - email address is the PURE username.
  • Infonøgle Datalogi. The official info page about Daimi People with phone, name (points to personal PURE page), title, email (PURE username), and location.
  • Telefondatabasen Datalogi. Link directly to personal daimi homepage. Link found through au.dk > Personer og bygninger > Avanceret søgning > resultat på DI-person > Datalogisk Institut. Notice that advanced search also gives private phone number.
  • Selvbetjening. Use this to get an initial password. This is also the place to set the supplementary homepage pointed to from the PURE homepage. Notice that if you choose a password longer than 8 characters only the first 8 should be used when loggin in to PURE!

Local PURE pages

  • All Daimi People - Links will open in a separate window corresponding to PURE page type: Home, Publication or Activities page or by clicking name, personal daimi homepage.
  • Sample publications. Field name was entered as field value. Title was the type publication chosen. Publications page was provided by courtesy of Lene Kjeldsteen.


  • Database ID:
  • Conference contribution > Article for conference (Konferencebidrag > Konferenceartikel).
    If a conference article appears in some proceedings which in turn appears as number/volume in a series like Lecture Notes in Computer Science or Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, there is no natural place to enter neither the number/volume nor the name of the series.
    We recommend the following alternative. As type of publication choose:
    Contribution to book/anthology/report > Contribution to scientific book/anthology (Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport > Bidrag til videnskabelig bog/antologi)
    Under [Host publication information - Series] ([Værtspublikationsinformation - Serie]) choose Add another publications series (Tilføj yderligere en publikationsserie) and enter the title of the series and the number/volume.

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