List of submissions accepted to PPDP 2014:

 1  Tzu-Chun Chen, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini and Nobuko Yoshida
    On the Preciseness of Subtyping in Session Types

 4  Paul Tarau
    Bijective Collection Encodings and Boolean Operations with Hereditarily Binary Natural Numbers

11 Pierre Neron
   Partial Inlining for Program Transformation

12 Hugo Pacheco, Tao Zan and Zhenjiang Hu
   BiFluX: A Bidirectional Functional Update Language for XML

14 Steven Ramsay
   Exact Intersection Type Abstractions for Safety Checking of Recursion Schemes

15 James Cheney, Amal Ahmed and Umut Acar
   Database queries that explain their work

16 Rémy Haemmerlé
   On Combining Backward and Forward Chaining in Constraint Logic Programming

17 Tom Schrijvers, Nicolas Wu, Benoit Desouter and Bart Demoen
   Heuristics Entwined with Handlers Combined

19 Kenichi Asai, Luminous Fennell, Peter Thiemann and Yang Zhang
   A Type Theoretic Specification for Partial Evaluation

22 Stefan Mehner, Daniel Seidel, Lutz Straßburger and Janis Voigtländer
   Parametricity and Proving Free Theorems for Functional-Logic Languages

23 Nataliia Stulova, Jose F. Morales and Manuel V. Hermenegildo
   Assertion-based Debugging of Higher-Order (C)LP Programs

27 Joachim Jansen, Ingmar Dasseville, Jo Devriendt and Gerda Janssens
   Experimental Evaluation of a State-of-the-Art Grounder

28 Flavio Cruz, Ricardo Rocha and Seth Goldstein
   Design and implementation of a multithreaded virtual machine for executing linear logic programs

30 Ulrich Schöpp
   Organising Low-Level Programs using Higher Types

32 Salvador Lucas and Jose Meseguer
   Proving Operational Termination of Declarative Programs in General Logics

33 Francisco Ferreira and Brigitte Pientka
   Bidirectional Elaboration of Dependently Typed Programs

37 Fan Yang, Santiago Escobar, Catherine Meadows, José Meseguer and Paliath Narendran
   Theories of Homomorphic Encryption, Unification, and the Finite Variant Property

38 Paul Downen, Luke Maurer, Zena Ariola and Daniele Varacca
   Continuations, Processes, and Sharing

39 Takahito Aoto and Sorin Stratulat
   Decision Procedures for Proving Inductive Theorems without Induction

40 Julian Kranz and Axel Simon
   Structure-Preserving Compilation: Efficient Integration of Functional DSLs into Legacy Systems

42 Jean-Louis Giavitto and José Echeveste
   Real-Time Matching of Antescofo Temporal Patterns

43 Rémi Douence and Nicolas Tabareau
   Lazier Imperative Programming

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