Optimization, Spring 2010


Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen and Peter Bro Miltersen.

Time and Place

About the course

The course consists of three hours of lectures and and three hours of exercise classes each week, throughout the third quarter (first half of spring semester). The exam is a graded three hour written exam, Each student must hand in satisfactory solutions to three compulsory assignments in order to take the exam. They should be completed individually (in Danish or English), but disucssions on the assignments are allowed and encouraged. The solutions should be given to the teaching assistant in person at specific exercise classes. If you passed the compulsory program in the course of 2005-2008, it can be transferred to this course, but please send me an email to Peter Bro Miltersen requesting such a transfer as early as possible and before March 1. Please let the subject header of the email be "dOpt: Transfer".


Tutorials will start the first week of the semester (Jan 25). The classes can be found here. The Monday class is run by Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen (rij@cs.au.dk). The Tuesday class is directed by Rocio Santillan (rocio@cs.au.dk). The Wednesday class is commanded by Morten Schaumburg (u033306@cs.au.dk). You can switch classes if and only if you can find somebody to switch with.

Compulsory assignments

Previous exams